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With the arrival of spring, make the most of the opening service provided by our qualified technicians. This service includes a complete system checkup.

-Rain sensor checkup

– Testing of the Backup Battery

– Checkup of the electrical valves in each area

– Rotation checkup and adjustment of the irrigation sprinkler heads.

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Closing down

In the fall, in Quebec you need to close your system as water freezing in your

pipes can cause the rupture of the hoses, the connectors, the heads and

several components. Our technicians will ensure the proper close down with

our industrial compressors to make sure the work is done right


Are you experiencing an issue with your system? One of our service units will be on site as soon as possible to fix the probleme

  • Systeme d'arrosage à Brossard


Your vegetation is growing and your sprinkler heads need a repositioning, or you need to modify your system after having reorganized your backyard? Ourtechnicians will be happy to upgrade your system


Saving Water

It is time to reduce our ecological footprint.The use of a watering system and a rain sensor can make you save up to 50% of your water use. Nowadays the manufacturers provide a wide range of wifi controllers, that can be remotely controlled with your smart phone and enable a direct link to the the weather station nearest to your home, to optimize water use

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